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Contractors Insurance

Contractors at workContractors Insurance is a specialized policy designed to protect your contracting business against losses to your property, liability, tools and equipment, materials at a job site and many other types of coverage tailored for the unique exposures of a contractor. A contractor’s policy should be designed to meet your specific needs and the type of work you are performing. Contractors Insurance can vary depending on the type of work and coverage you need, so it’s important to make sure you know what you are purchasing.
In today’s insurance environment, the number of insurance companies willing to write insurance for contractors keeps getting smaller. Certain types of contractors have exposures that many insurance companies refuse to insure or even if they do, they might limit the coverage.
Because of this, it’s important to consider obtaining something called an occurrence policy. Or if you have a construction contracting business a claims made policy might be right for you. There is a huge difference between these types of policies, so it’s important to work with an insurance provider you can trust to make sure you are getting the right policy for your business.

Contractor Insurance Coverage for your Specific Needs

Although General Liability is extremely important for Contractors, other parts or your insurance program should include additional policies and coverage.
  • Contractors Equipment – Covers tools and equipment plus other options of the contractor and/or their employees
  • Builders Risk/Installation Floater – Covers personal property installed, fabricated or erected by a contractor. It covers the property until the installation work is accepted by the purchaser or when the insured's interest in the property installed ceases.
  • Surety Bonds – Includes Bid, Performance, License, Service, and other coverages.
  • Important endorsements you should seriously consider
Coverage for operations and for completed operations
Primary & Non-Contributory
Waiver of Subrogation
Blanket Additional Insured
  • And other types of coverage and policies
Professional Liability
Cyber Liability
Auto Insurance
Workers Compensation
Pollution Liability
When it comes to protecting you against losses and unfair additional premiums, The Right Choice Insurance Agency takes it very seriously. We understand the unique risks and exposures that Contractors have, as well as the many ways premiums can be manipulated.

The Right Choice Insurance Agency, For All Of Your Insurance Needs

We want to be your Trusted Insurance Advisor! We will provide you with the best advice available to minimize your premiums and maximize your coverage. Call The Right Choice Insurance Agency today at 602.635.1567 to see if you qualify for our specialty programs or click here to contact us. We appreciate the opportunity to review of your current insurance program and provide a complete proposal for your insurance protection program!

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