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What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

by Lou Pingtella • April 14, 2016
Cyber Liability is insurance coverage designed specifically to protect a business or organization from:
  • 3rd Party claims arising out of unauthorized release of private or confidential material
  • 3rd Party claims that allege invasion of privacy or copyright violations in a digital, online or social media environment
  • 3rd Party claims where a company fails to provide computer security for their client that resulted in deletion & alteration of data, transmission of malicious codes, denial of service, etc.
  • Defense costs in regulatory proceedings that violated privacy laws
  • Expert resources and monetary reimbursement to you for out of pocket expenses for the handling of the alleged claims noted above
Cyber Liability policies can cover alleged claims of many different types of formats including paper, digital and other similar forms.   

*Source: BCS Insurance Company