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In Monsoon or Flood Season… Am I Covered for Water Damage to My Building or Property?

by Lou Pingtella • February 24, 2016
Did you know that in the state of Arizona the heavy Monsoon rains that fill the washes and flood not only the roads but many homes, WOULD NOT be covered if you sustained any type of damage?
Almost every policy excludes coverage for floods. These include losses caused by waves, tidal waves, the overflow of a body of water, the rapid accumulation or runoff of surface water, and mudslides. These types of losses can be devastating, not only to your property and building structures, but to your business.
The best way to protect your business and personal property is to purchase a specific flood policy. Generally, a flood policy is obtainable through your insurance agent and written in the National Flood Insurance program, although there are many insurance companies that will now write Flood Insurance. Don’t forget this is a separate policy, although it could be extremely important to have.
One thing to note is that floods can, and do, occur in all areas of the country. In monsoon season in particular, we have seen our share in Arizona. However, floods are not limited to coastal areas or locations with nearby rivers or streams. Several inches of rain falling over a short period of time can cause flood damage, even in normally dry areas that are not prone to flooding.

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Source: Travelers Insurance Company